How To Flush a Jet Ski

Step 1 - Connect the Garden Hose

Do Not turn the water on just yet.

how to flush a jet ski


Flush Kit

Step 2 - Start the Jet Ski

Insert the lanyard and start the engine.   

Start the engine on the jet Ski

Step 3 - Turn the Water On

Now turn the water on the garden hose.

flushing jet ski with garden hose

Step 4 - Run the Jet Ski

Run the motor for a bit. Make all necessary adjustments.

Run jet Ski with Garden Hose

Step 5 - Turn Off the Water First

Disconnect the garden hose. 

flushing PWC with water

Step 6 - Turn Off the Jet Ski

Give it last couple throttle pushes and turn off the engine. Remove the lanyard. 

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