Jet Ski inspection and diagnostic

General inspection and computer diagnostic are vital parts of any PWC repair service. 

1. General Inspection

Mechanical and Electrical Examination

Visual inspection

Certain PWC models have specific problem areas and are subject for some common breakdowns. Overall vessel condition, check hull for cracks and damage, observe for general maintenance and upkeep.

Engine Inspection

Visual exterior inspection. If necessary, I perform combustion chamber lookup with endoscope. Measurement of compression, oil level and condition of the oil. Identification of extraneous noise, irregularities in work.

Jet Pump Inspection

I perform measurements of wearing gap, check impeller conditions, detection of any foreign objects or damages. Partial disassembly is possible.


Voltage measurements on the working motor. Inspection of battery, voltage regulator, and sensors.

2. Computer diagnostic

Conducted with the special software. 

Engine Codes

Reading fault codes, sensor reading.

Checking executive devices

Such as fuel pump, coils, actuators, dashboards, buttons, switches.

Wire harness

Identification of broken wires according to diagrams.

Record Pull up

Engine Hours. Operating conditions and etc.

Inspection Result and Estimate

At the end, I will provide you with the results of the inspection and a list of problems, if there are any. If I detect issues, you will also receive description with estimate for necessary repairs. 

My goal is to provide you with honest and reliable information about the current condition of the jet ski and based on that describe possible risks you may face in future. 

My values are to give you unbiased expertise and upright information. I will never suggest any unnecessary repairs. My goal is to form trustful relationships with my customers many of whom are now regular clients who come back for maintenance and advice. 

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