Trade-in Your Old Jet Ski to a Dealer and Get a New One

We accept running and not running jet skis for trade-ins plus the difference for a new PWC. 

A good option to reduce the price for a new jet ski by trading-in your old one. 

Does It Worth Trading In Your Old PWC

There are a couple situations when it is worth trading-in an old jet ski instead of selling.

Trade-in a broken Watercraft

Get rid of a not running jet ski and get some value back by reducing the price for a new one. We buy watercrafts with issues for the market value of a broken vessel. Market value consists of value for a working vessel minus evaluated price for parts and labor spent for repair. And very small margin serves as dealer profit.

Upgrade Jet Ski by trading-in

Ability to upgrade to a more preferred model. It’s an easier transaction than selling the vessel to some private buyer but less profitable for a seller because dealers offer prices below the market value.

Buy a Used Jet Ski with Trade-in

See available jet skis for sale. 

Trade-In inquiry Form

Your Email address where I should reply to your inquiry
Year can be looked up on Title (or see last 2 digits on VIN Number which represent a year)
Running/not running; complete or missing parts; any known malfunctions; physical damage; cosmetic condition.
Please provide additional important information. What are you looking to trade for? And your approximate location.