Sea-Doo MPEM Dess Key Programming

As a licensed dealer and repair shop I can program your DESS key for you.

Why Sea-doo key is so important

Sea-Doo jet skis require a special key to start and operate them. It’s a part of the security system. Each key is either DESS programmed ( DESS – Digital Encryption Security System) or Radio Frequency programmed (RF). 

New jet skis come with a spare key but used skis often only have one. If you loose it (which is very common), you will need a replacement.  You can not program it yourself without special equipment which is only available for dealers and repair shops.  

Are jet ski keys universal?

No. Each Sea-Doo jet ski has its own specific programmed key. It will not work with any other key from another vessel even if it's the same model.

What if you lost the key from your sea-doo jet ski

If you lost the key, you can get a new one. Buy a new blank key online and bring it to me with the jet ski so I can program it for you.

Can you bypass Sea-Doo Dess?

No, it's impossible to start a jet ski without the key by bypassing DESS System.

How much does it cost to program a Sea-Doo key?

$80 – includes a brand new blank key on a lanyard;

$50 – if you bring your own key.

Cheapest price in DC-MD-VA area!

sea-doo key replacement near me

How do you program a Sea-doo key?

You can get a new Sea-Doo key for your jet ski! It takes about 20 min to program a new DESS key. 

1. Buy a blank replacement
2. Bring jet ski to the shop
Get a Sea-Doo Key Duplicate or replacement

Contact me with an inquiry through the form at the bottom of the webpage. I will schedule a day when you can bring your jet ski to my shop in Annandale, VA.